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The NPCC Training Framework

The 6As of NPCC Learning Path

The NPCC 6As Learning Path serves as an overarching framework that provides directions in the training and development of NPCC members.

The 6As – namely Aware, Acquire, Actuate, Aspire, Achieve and Aim – defines the progressive learning path of a cadet from a new recruit at Secondary One to a youth leaders and an officer. It also identifies the six desired training outcomes of its programmes.

Level 1
(Sec 1)
AWARE of Self, Others, SPF and NPCC Knowing oneself
Level 2
(Sec 2)
ACQUIRE skills and knowledge Stepping out and interacting
Level 3
(Sec 3)
ACTUATE as leader First taste of taking charge
Level 4/5
(Sec 4/5)
ASPIRE to serve Stepping out to lead
Youth Leaders
ACHIEVE competency in skills and knowledge Leading others
Officers AIM to nuture Developing others


Training Framework

The key areas of emphasis in our training include law enforcement, national education, leadership, resilience, personal development, character development, innovation and enterprise. From the time a cadet is enrolled in NPCC, he will undergo structured training to acquire skills and knowledge that will help him thrive in 21st century.

The subject matters within each area of training are as follows:

Areas Topics
Law Enforcement - LAND
- Police Knowledge Proficiency Course
- General Law
- Crime Prevention
- Community Safety & Security Programme / Police Youth Ambassador Programme
- Homefront Security Course
- Weapons Training (.22 Revolver)
- Road Safety Training
- Anti-drug Abuse Training (SANA Courses)
- Crime Scene Investigation
Law Enforcement - SEA
- Police Knowledge Proficiency Course
- Seamanship
- Coastal Navigation
- Maritime Communication
- Maritime Operations
- Crime Prevention
- Homefront Security Course
- Weapons Training (.22 Revolver)
- Weapon Intro & Handling (HK MP5 A4 / M16)
- Navigation Sortie
- Anti-drug Abuse Training
- Crime Scene Investigation
- General Law
National Education
- Total Defence Course
- Civil Defence Course
- National Heritage Course (Optional)
- Communication Skills
- Facilitation Skills
- Leadership and Mentoring Skills (LMSC)
- Camp Organisation
- Cadet Leader Drill Course
- Footdrills
- Campcraft*
- Adventure Training Camps (ATC)
- Survival Training Camp (STC)
- High Ropes Challenge

* For LAND units only

Personal Development
- First Aid Training
- Life Saving Training
- NASSA Swimming
- Boat Handling Course
- Kayaking Course
- ATF Trainers & Instructors Course
- Training-of-Trainers Course for Water Confidence Jump & Rafting
- Facilitation Training

Training Outcomes

The training outcomes are :
• to be morally upright citizens who are law abiding
• to be citizens who possess integrity
• to be selfless individuals who contribute to the safety and security of the community
• to be resilient individuals who persevere in adverse and rugged contexts
• to demonstrate traits of leadership and
• to be entrepreneurial and global in outlook so that they can adapt to changing contexts.

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