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Officers' Basic Training Course (OBTC)

The Officers Basic Training Course (OBTC) has been conducted yearly to train newly appointed teachers for NPCC duties and to familiarise themselves with NPCC training so as to allow them to carry out their designed duties in NPCC effectively and efficiently.

After success completion of the course, teachers will be appointed as Probationary Inspectors.


  1. Acquiring them with objectives, ideals and aspirations of the NPCC;
  2. Instructing them on the subject matter relating to NPCC training, so that they can effectively train cadets of their respective units;
  3. Acquainting them with their roles in the NPCC;
  4. Providing drill and weapon training and
  5. Developing leadership/mentoring skills and effective team work through adventure training activities at Pulau Ubin

Course Duration:
More than 1 week of full day Non-Residential Course conducted at Home Team Academy, and a 4-day 3-night Adventure Training Camp at NPCC Camp Resilience in Pulau Ubin.

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