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High Rope Challenge (HRC) Trainers/Instructors Course

The High Rope Challenge (HRC) course is a core activity conducted at Camp Resilience. Since 2005, the activities are conducted by in-sourced trainers and instructors, which include NPCC officers and cadet inspectors.

This HRC Instructors Course equips the participants with the necessary knowledge to carry out the activities using the HRC elements. The course will be conducted over a 4-day residential period, where participants are required to stay in at NPCC Camp Resilience, Pulau Ubin.

Upon completion of the course, the participants may be qualified as a Trainer to operate the HRC activities at NPCC Camp Resilience. They may also be upgraded to Instructors via a 5-day course subsequently, which will mainly enhance the participants' rescue and facilitation skills. Participants who successfully undergo the course are expected to serve at least 4 HQ-organised High Ropes Challenge activities each year, or until the end of his/her service in the NPCC, whichever is earlier.

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