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Community Involvement Program

National Police Cadet Corp (NPCC) has been affiliated with the Singapore Police Force with many programmes that disseminate crime prevention knowledge and skills. Many youths have become responsible adults and civic conscious citizens through these comprehensive programmes.

Community Safety & Security Programme (CSSP)

The Community Safety and Security programme is part of a 3-years step up programme run consecutively with Crime Prevention and the Police Youth Ambassador programme. The programme is conducted for the Secondary 2 cadets.


  • To equip cadets with problem solving skills found herein the Community Safety and Security Programme.
  • To address youth related problems within school community

Police Youth Ambassador (PYA)

As Police Youth Ambassadors (PYA), our Secondary Three cadets leverage on the unique affiliation with the Singapore Police Force to disseminate crime prevention messages more effectively to our community.


  • To equip cadets with practical strategies to address community crime and security
  • To develop cadets into leaders and civic conscious citizens. It is hoped that after school hours, they can get involved and participate in community based activities more actively.

NPCC Service Day

The NPCC Service Day is an annual event where NPCC cadets were deployed to perform community services. The past service days revolved around fund raising activities for reputable local charitable organization.

In 2004, NPCC saw the need for closer collaboration with the Singapore Police Force in promoting crime prevention to the community. As crime prevention knowledge is also the core training component received by NPCC cadets in law enforcement education, an opportunity where cadets could articulate their knowledge on crime prevention could promote an active learning environment, vis-a-vis simply classroom sessions. The change in the objective led to the association and linkage of the NPCC Service Day with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) since 2004.

Mar 2007 saw the launch of the revamped NPCC Service Day where close to 15,000 NPCC cadets from Secondary One to Secondary Four and Five walked the housing areas around their schools to share with the residents, crime prevention, traffic safety and homefront security messages. A team of 4 cadets, each armed with a crime prevention handbook (sponsored by NCPC) reached out to the community in crime prevention.


  • To create an active learning environment for NPCC cadets to serve the community.
  • To provide service to the environment they live in.

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