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Camp Resilience


Built in 2003, the Camp Resilience is located at No. 80, Kampong Noordin, Pulau Ubin. In line with NPCC's mission to develop the cadets into caring and responsible citizens, the Camp Resilience set its objectives to conduct adventure programmes to develop the campers' ruggedness, self-reliance, resilience, team-work and leadership skills.

The Camp Resilience was officially opened by Assoc Prof Ho Peng Kee, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs, on 10 Aug 2004, which was in conjunction with the 1st off-shore National Camp 2004. Covering 25 hectares of land, it comprises of 2 main camps, i.e. Bahru Camp and Noordin Camp. Both camps are able to accommodate up to a total of 1,000 campers at any one time. As its name implies, the main users of the campsite are NPCC cadets, youth leaders and officers, who conduct adventure training camps, teambuilding activities retreats and get-together sessions which may stretch from 1 day to more than 5 days. Other than NPCC, Camp Resilience is also frequented by other organisations such as the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Home Team Agencies.

Camp Resilience has a wide range of facilities to offer to its residents, which allows them vary their activities from indoors to outdoors. Some of the facilities include:

  • High Ropes Challenge
  • Sea Training Facilities
  • Outdoor Training Shed (Pondos)
  • Assembly grounds
  • Training Room and Conference Room
  • Mess Dining areas
  • Dormitories
  • Tentage areas
  • Camp-fire rings
dorm1 lunch

In achieving its objectives in building resilience among its campers, Camp Resilience encourages outdoor activities, ranging from obstacle courses to sea activities, to allow the campers to enjoy an outgoing experience during their stays. Essentially, the obstacle courses at Camp Resilience mainly refers to the High Ropes Challenge, which are distributed between Kg Noordin and Kg Bahru. These facilities include:

tower Kg Noordin
Kg Bahru lowropes ITC

Campers can also expect "wet" programmes, i.e. sea activities amongst other things. These activities include drop from heights (commonly known as jetty jumps), kayaking and rafting. These activities are usually conducted at the sea front just behind the campsite, providing real sea experience to the participants.
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To facilitate coordination, training programmes are crafted by the Cadet Inspectors (CIs) of the respective camp areas, under the guidance of their Area Commandants, as well as Teacher Officers (TOs) and Honorary Officers (HOs). In general, the training camps of the respective levels are as follows:  

Secondary 2

  • Camp familiarisation
  • Orienteering around Pulau Ubin
  • Pioneering
  • Adventure Fortress
  • Gun Aiming Challenge
  • Low Ropes Challenge
  • Maze

Secondary 3

  • Topography around Pulau Ubin
  • Team building games
  • Intermediate Ropes Challenge (IRC)
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Water confidence jump

Secondary 4 & 5

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ict fortress

Many other departments from the SPF and other NPCC units have also organised their corporate retreats and camps at Camp Resilience, where their participants have experienced the thrill and sense of achievement by having successfully conquered the height obstacles. Many have also feedback that these activities have also shown them their strengths and weaknesses, which enabled them to know themselves in yet another level. At a higher level, the organisations could use the campsite to provide a refreshing and "out-of-the-box" environment for fruitful discussions of their interest. All in all, it would be good time spent at Camp Resilience, where everyone benefit from the experiences and adventures awaiting them.

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