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Brunei OEV

NPCC made its inaugural visit to RBPF and Brunei Police Cadet Corps in May 2011. Thereafter, NPCC continue to make its second visit to the RBPF and the Brunei Police Cadet Corps from 21 – 25 May 2012. The visit programmes include exchanges between SPF and RBPF and the two Police Cadet Corps. The cadets from both sides will have the opportunity to meet, interact and learn from each other.

Objectives of Visit:
  • Develop long-term relationship with the Brunei Police Cadet Corps and its parent organisation, RBPF.

  • Develop better understanding of similar foreign Police-Youth setup for possible future collaboration in developing exciting training programme for NPCC cadets and volunteers.

  • Provide opportunity for Singapore youth to understand the work of foreign Police-Youth establishment, interact with youths of other culture and gain an insight into their way of life.

Reflections from our recent Brunei OEV trip:

"Joy, tears and laughter were shared throughout the trip. As the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder", only when people or things that we wish to have is gone, only then will we start to cherish. Brunei is like our home place. The cadets from Brunei are very helpful and caring too."

James Zheng ZhongJia, New Town
"What I discovered – Language is not a barrier. Friendship goes a long way and language should not stop a friendship. There may be obstacles, but we can slowly overcome them and break the barrier. Over the past 4 days, my buddy and I have bonded so well that I will never forget her and the new friends I have made."

Soh Lixia, CHIH St. Joseph’s Convent
"They (the Royal Brunei Police Force) showed us around the different police units and an example of the Brunei Police Cadets’ drill performance in Brunei. I learnt about the jobs of the traffic police. During the visit to the Marine Police unit, everyone could either canoe or ride the jet-ski with a marine police officer. I have learnt more about Brunei and made more friends."

Ong Ming Er, Bowen
"It was really an honour to be part of this overseas educational trip to Brunei. We felt very welcomed and at home because of the warm hospitality extended by our gracious host.

The exclusive visits to the various police establishments were enriching and insightful for our students and teachers as well.

The most unforgettable part of the trip was probably the Friendship Night when both the Brunei and Singapore cadets celebrated their newfound friendship. We look forward to even stronger ties and partnership."

Ms Toh, Bukit View Secondary School
"This trip strengthened the relationships between the people and the establishments (MOE and Police Force) of two countries. The visits to their school, Marine Police, Police Training Centre and Traffic Police give better insights of how they function.

Through various activities, the cadets of both countries interacted and created a stronger bond. The buddy-system is a great idea as it allowed the buddies to better understand each others' cultures and practices."

Mr Chng, Queensway Secondary School
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